Sterling Silver Polishing Pad

Sterling Silver Polishing Pad

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The little pick me up that sterling silver needs from time to time.


Keep your silver looking it's best with these wonderful and easy to use polishing pads.


Polish Pads are great for removing tarnish and polishing to a high lustre without a mess, leaving no residue.

They're a thin, tight-bond foam with permanently bonded micro abrasives on both sides. There's no steps necessary just polish back and forth firmly til you're happy with the result.


They can be used over and over again til they're a dark grey all over.


Best for smooth finishes.

Polishing pad measures 51mm x 51mm.


Material: Foam


Personalisation: This item cannot be personalised.

Made to Order: No


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    All text is hand stamped, this process involves striking individual letter stamps into the metal using a hammer to create an impression.

    Due to the nature of this each letter will have a varying depth and spacing, giving each piece a totally unique and different finish.


    This material may tarnish over time. To help remove tarnish or dullness that appears over time get your hands on Prickly Pear care kit by clicking here.