Why Greek Mythology and Jewellery are the Perfect Match?

Have you ever seen 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'?

Well in this film the dad plays a game where you say any word to him and he'll tell you how it came from the Greek language. Whilst I found this quite cute in the film I laughed it off as a quirk of the family written in for the film. However, you think of anything and I'm fairly confident that you'll find a Greek God, Goddess, mortal, beast or at very least myth that encompasses this.


I always knew I loved the stories of Greek mythology. I've never studied it and never known tonnes about this but I've always enjoyed the myths. I didn't realise how much until I'd actually already gotten two different tattoos surrounding Greek Mythology and named my child after a God in Greek mythology.


I obviously love jewellery, and so do you otherwise you wouldn't be here, and jewellery with a meaning is worth so much more then it's weight or design.

Imagine owning a piece that has not only been hand crafted with love just for you, but a loved one had thought about the perfect inscription for you and on top of that the piece itself represents something powerful to you.


Greek Mythology is so broad and has a complex universe shrouded in chaos, love and heartache, it has so many mirrored aspects of real life despite being a world of Gods and powers that is can find beauty in almost every situation.


The latest collection was inspired by Aion, the Greek God of Eternity, circular time and Zodiac. The pieces represent that of eternity and when gifted is there to show you are gifting eternity to them, a sort of modern promise ring jewellery. These can be personalised using your own choice of zodiac symbols and can be added to over time.


Another incredibly meaningful piece is the APOLLO necklace. APOLLO represented health and by extension, mental health. The very first APOLLO necklace I made was to represent a friend we'd lost for their son to carry him with them everyday. It was stamped with a personalisation just for him and I hope that it can be cherished forever just for him.


Jewellery has the power to mean so much more then the very material it is made out of. Don't get me wrong, the glossy finish, how it catches the light, the unique way it can fit us just right are all wonderful; but the sentimental value is always what will leave a lasting impression.

It has the power to render you or your loved one completely in love with something seemingly to anyone else, just a piece of jewellery.

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