5 Top Tips To Find The Perfect Mens Jewellery Gift

Gifting can often be a daunting task especially when looking for a surprise gift; not to mention that shopping for some people is nearly an impossible task. But, that's where this handy guide can come in and help you filter through some options quickly.

When shopping for jewellery this guide is here to help you out, it's geared toward those lucky men in your life but really these tips work regardless!

Here's 5 tips to styling men's jewellery

Tip 1 - The first thing to consider is what type of jewellery complements their style and the clothing they wear. Think about:

Is it minimal and understated?

Rugged and dark?

Bold with all the statements?

Whichever it is, jewellery should be there to enhance this style. If it feels like it doesn't fit their style, it's more then likely going to sit on the side and worse, look as though you haven't really thought about them when buying the gift at all. 

Tip 2 - Consider the metal type when selecting jewellery; do they have a preference in silver or gold? Do they have other pieces they may want to match with? If you're thinking silver colour and your budget allows for it do you want to go a step further and consider platinum or titanium? These are very popular choices that might be appreciated.

Tip 3 is a buying must for any purchase, especially when gift giving.

Pay attention to the quality of the product - look for good craftsmanship and materials.

Are you happy with the finish?

Can you see the joins?

Is it free from sharp edges? 

Are you proud to hand this over?


Tip 4 - Ensure the jewellery is comfortable for him to wear - this is a big one if they don't wear a lot of jewellery. Suddenly popping on a chunky chain can feel like a big step. If they have some jewellery that they're already loving and wear often you've got a good base for inspiration. If the piece is online, take a look at reviews, do you have time to email to ask about the weight or clasp type if it's not available.


*Bonus Tip* 

Do you need to consider their job? Some pieces are meant to be worn everyday, if this is the piece you're looking for then you might want to think about if they're allowed to wear it for work. Some jobs you can't wear rings at work for safety or hygiene, other jobs earrings are a no no, it's all part of the process.



Tip 5 - Think about the occasion or purpose when selecting jewellery - simpler pieces are usually best for everyday wear, they'll go with everyday outfits, while more elaborate designs are better for special occasions. If the piece is to be personalised, consider if you want that to be hidden or not, somethings are wonderful out on display whilst sometimes it's nice to have that little secret between just you two!


Gifting is meant to be about that other person but have fun and get those creative juices flowing, if it's for that someone special having a little bit of you wrapped up into the thought it will make it all the more special! They're lucky to have you, send them a treat wrapped in a bow!

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